Immunity Herbal Syrup

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There are herbal antivirals that have been used for thousands of years to prevent and/or shorten the duration of illness from viruses like the flu. These plants are also scientifically proven to be effective at preventing and shortening the duration of the flu and other respiratory complaints. 

Our Immunity Syrup is anti-viral. It can support the prevention of colds, influenza and other respiratory infections. It is an excellent syrup to have on-hand, year-round, like we do because it is not only immune boosting when taken regularly,  it shortens the duration of illness, should you come down with something. Taken daily, it also serves as an anti-viral lung tonic that is also decongestant, expectorant, warming, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

If all has aligned and you're here when the syrup is in stock, we highly recommend that you purchase your jars! This syrup sells out within 1 day every time we make it. 

16 ounces of syrup.

 Ingredients & Physical Benefits:

  • Elderberry - One of the most effective cold and flu preventative herbal remedies. It is antiviral and shortens the duration of the flu should you get it. Also good for asthma, coughs, fever,  respiratory infections, and sore throats.
  • Ginger - Antiviral, warming, and a circulatory stimulant. It has a multitude of benefits including its expectorant action that helps to promote and move mucous from the sinuses and lungs. 
  • Rosehips - Soothing, antimicrobial and provides more vitamin C than oranges, along with other nutrients. 
  • Cinnamon - Antiviral, decongestant, pain reliever, warming, and a circulatory stimulant. 
  • Eyebright - A sinus remedy that thins, dries and clears upper respiratory congestion. Side-note: This is our go-to herb when Niles has a runny nose. 
  • Raw Local Honey - Antiviral, antibacterial and tastes great! 
  • A touch of Brandy - Mild pain reliever and relaxant, but primarily serving as a preservative.

Shake well. Store in the refrigerator. Drink 1 TSP - 1 TBLS, 3 times per day.  Suitable for children one year and older.

This blend is not suitable for children under one year of age. Ginger should not be consumed in large doses during pregnancy. 

Consult your physician. This information is for educational purposes only. Not FDA approved.



The Immunity Syrup does thicken and ferment over time (kind of like kombucha). Usually this takes several months, but warmer temperatures and the sucrose content in the plants and raw honey, can accelerate this process.

We do our best to standardize the medicine, but there are a lot of factors when making minimally processed herbal medicine that are out of our control, like growing and harvesting conditions.

Small batch herbal medicine is very different from what's found on store shelves, however, while the texture may change over time, we assure you it is still good and safe to consume as it transforms.