Astrology Reading of Your Child's Chart


An astrology reading about your child can help you be the parent you know you are! Contrary to what most people think, children are OUR greatest teachers. Your child has superpowers - their one-of-a-kind gifts, their unique way of thinking, and their outlook on the world.

When you understand these things about your child you stop forcing them into your boxes and become the parent they need, the parent who provides the foundation of acceptance, so that the thrive as adults.

In this reading, we'll dive into your child's chart and discuss whatever you need clarity and insight on. You'll learn how to communicate better with them and understand supportive relationship engagement for them. You'll get a better idea of when and how they need to be pushed and when you need to back off. And you'll also learn about how to best support their health based on their natal constitution.  

Your child is meant to soar and in this reading, you'll leave empowered to be the support system they need to feel strong, self-assured, and be a kind human who contributes goodness into the world.