Let’s Glow! Herbal Oils & Salves Workshop


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Ready to elevate your skincare with herbs? Curious about crafting your own botanical oils and salves?

Whether you’re a seasoned naturalista or just starting on the toxin-free path, this hands-on workshop will immerse you in the art of creating glow-worthy, nontoxic, and nourishing herbal oils and salves. Join me to discover how to transform your skin with herbs that protect, repair, and invigorate!

You'll learn:

  • The science behind the plants that are best for oil extraction based on their constituent profiles

  • 3 methods for making herbal oil infusions

  • Carrier oils for different skin types and conditions

  • Techniques on infusing fresh and dried plants material

  • How to prevent your oils from growing mold and going rancid

  • Calculating herb-to-oil ratios for your skin-care recipes

  • The difference between essential oils and infused oils and when to include EO’s and when to leave them out 

If you're attending in person, all materials are provided, and you'll leave with your own handcrafted oil to start your herbal skincare journey and get ready to glow!

Date: Sunday, July 21, 2024
Time: 12:00 - 2:00pm, you may arrive early as 11:45am if attending in person
Cost: $40 - $45 per participant, no refunds
Limit: 20 in-person participants
Location: Virtual or In-Person at Iwilla Remedy - 2752 East Ponce de Leon Ave, Suite I, Decatur, GA 30030