5 Revelations on Rejection

I experienced a deep personal rejection not too long ago. Ugly cry, heart-wrenching level. It took me a couple of weeks and several conversations to clear and accept. I am still debating bringing it up to the person, but in the meantime have am sharing what I have learned so far from the experience.
1️⃣ If you are not included it is because you weren’t meant to be. Trust that Source and your Soul-Self are looking out for you. They see the path ahead and know that there are spaces, people, and situations that you need not be associated with because they will further entangle you, not assist in your wellbeing, growth, goals, or liberation.
2️⃣ Interpret it as being in “the in-between.” You are no longer aligned with something that was once comfortable or someone who was once familiar. The mutual resonance is no longer there though; what once was, is gone. Now there is space to be filled. The new people and communities you belong in are on their way to you and will fill the gap.
3️⃣ Sometimes a rejection is truly an innocent oversight. The person effed up, made a mistake, changed their mind at the last minute, forgot. While perhaps unintentional, I think these missteps are still information, though. Determine if there’s a pattern.
4️⃣ You are loved, understood, accepted, supported, embraced, and heard by so many more. Your light will grow to be too bright for some, but in the words of @ _sesalli, it will pull other people in.
5️⃣ Accept that the way you perceive a relationship may not be how the other person perceives it. This is big. Sometimes we think we are closer to people than we actually are and when we realize that…ouch, right?! But it is ok, now you know. I am still pondering if this new understanding means the relationship has to change? What do y’all think?
Lemme know I’m the comments below 👇🏽 I really do want to read your perspectives.

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