Are you clear or confused?

June 02, 2020

Are you clear or confused?

The US is on fire. Fire in nature has always symbolized death and rebirth. Intentional and controlled burning of the land renews the soil, preparing it for the next season's planting.

The same is happening right now in our society. The old must go, so that we can make space for the new beliefs, new systems, and new structures that will better serve more of humanity, equally.

While today is #blackouttuesday, a day of being quiet on social media, it still remains a day of taking action.

Replace the time that you would spend scrolling with "you time." Choose moments of silence to invite in clarity.

So many people don't know what to do with themselves right now. They are enraged, hopeless, confused, fearful, and anxious....

Many are asking, "What can I do?"

Should I participate in a rally?

Should I check-in on my Black friends?

Should I post on social media or not take up that real estate?

Should I promote my business?

Should I, should I, should I...

Instead of rushing trying to figure out what's the right thing to do, go within. Return to your center. Because it is only when we are clear on who we are and where we get our true power, that we then know what to do.

I love what Abraham says (from the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction material), "One person who is connected to Source is more powerful than millions who aren't."

When you act from a place of ungroundedness, anger, worry, doubt, and disconnection, you always do more harm than good.

Meditation - spending intentional quiet time with yourself - is one of the simplest things to do, yet the task that's on the bottom of most people's to-do list. Instead of saving meditation for yet another day, how about one action for today, is to do it.

Take 10 minutes, lock yourself in the bathroom if you need to, turn off the lights and focus on your breath. Don't try to control your thoughts, you can't force calm nor clarity. But every time time you notice yourself thinking, return your attention to your breath. I am breathing in....I am breathing out...

Now more than ever, the world needs people who are sure of who they are and who act from a place of knowing their value and contribution to society. The world needs you to step up to the plate and serve....from your overflow...not your emptiness.

Because the work that you were born for is so rich and mighty! The world needs YOU to step fully into your purpose and walk courageously on the path that only you are equipped to travel.

It is not everyone’s job to protest. Writing essays or books or giving speeches may not be your zone of genius. But you have a grand assignment, nonetheless. And what I know for sure is that when you are drowning in the traumas of your past and living through the lens of hurt...

...when you are unsure, frazzled, and emotionally drained...

...when you are paralyzed by fear and uncertainty... CANNOT contribute fully nor stand rooted in your largeness.

All who are able and who KNOW in the depths of your being that you were created for more...please heal. Please do the internal work. Please commit to your meditation practice. Please learn what it means to prioritize your well-being. Please lighten your emotional load, so that you can carry the enormity of your light and do YOUR specific work that will advance humanity.

We need you...

P.S. Enrollment in Herbal Medicine for the Soul is currently open. In my program you will break the cycles of chronic pain, mental illness, pills and side-effects by incorporating herbal medicine, emotional alchemy, and most importantly spiritual alignment into your life. It is in this brave space of learning how to heal that you are able to pivot from a life of tolerating pain to thriving in your purpose.

Students in my program have gotten off pain, thyroid and high blood pressure medications.

They’ve reversed debilitating health conditions like chronic neuralgia, sciatica, severe PMS, frequent colds/flues, PCOS, fibroids, adult acne, IBS, depression, paralyzing anxiety, and more.

They’ve resolved traumas and found peace from devastating past experiences like domestic violence and sexual abuse.

They’ve also started and/or expanded their holistic businesses to include herbal medicine consultations and products.

Most importantly, my students took the time to love on themselves, to honor their needs, to prioritize their well-being. To reclaim their wellness and wholeness.

Sign up for a free Wellness Strategy Session to apply.

Photo Credit: A protester carries the carries a U.S. flag upside down, a sign of distress, last week in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

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