Are you honoring the calling on your life?

Tears of joy. You cannot underestimate the power of progress, of being in motion, of being disciplined, and showing up daily, weekly, monthly to work on yourself, your purpose, and your goals. ⁠⁠

We have over 40 case studies inside Herbal Medicine for the Soul. From herniated disk, grief, kidney disease, and PCOS, to depression, gallstones, the COVID vaccine, and Lupus, we discuss, analyze and create truly holistic protocols for anything and everything the students want to learn about.

Recently, we have been doing case studies on health conditions I didn’t even know existed. Meralgia paresthetica. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare (MAI) infection. 😳 Upcoming we’re doing lichen planus and seborrheic dermatitis. A few weeks ago we did Lyme disease. ⁠

In 2018 there was a student enrolled in Herbal Medicine for the Soul who had recently learned they had Lyme. I was not able to support them in a more personal way because I just did not have the confidence nor the understanding to tackle something I thought was “so big.” ⁠

I used to feel so defeated reading scholarly articles on the pathophysiology of diseases. My eyes would cross. I had to look up every other word. My head would hurt from the frustration. It’s one thing to look up words that you don’t understand, it’s a whole nutha thang to have no idea why the words on the page are important. 🤯⁠⁠

Now, because I've been steady at honoring the calling on my life, I get excited to find articles on PudMed. A little bit of disappointment actually sets in when I can’t find research on whatever topic we’re diving into for class, or when there’s a paywall and I can’t access it for free. 🤪 I understand what I’m reading, I'm a better investigator, and I know how to ask better questions. As a result, we can dive into more complex conditions inside the program, and therefore I can help more people heal (see student comments below). It's a win-win for all! 🙌🏽⁠

Whatever you’re working on, KEEP GOING! Remain consistent. Keep showing up for it. It might be frustrating right now, but it will all start to click. I promise. The process of integration is like magic. One day, sooner than you think, it’ll make sense.⁠ The only thing that guarantees your failure, is you if you stop.

Please, please, please don’t give up! The world needs you, your gifts, your perspective, and your unique creations!

With love always,


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