Did you grab the lifeline the universe sent you today?

June 03, 2022 1 Comment

Did you grab the lifeline the universe sent you today?

If you were drowning in a lake and someone threw you a lifesaver, would you swat it away?

No! That would be ridiculous. You’d grab that thing so fast and immediately bust into an ugly cry! :sob: Before that lifesaver appeared, your life flashed before your eyes. You thought you were going to die.

In that moment you thought about all the people you’d miss, the dreams you didn’t get to fulfill, and the ways you still want to experience more happiness, freedom and bliss.

It’s a no brainer…you’d grab that lifesaver. But do you grab the ones the Spirit sends you every single day?

The ones that look like much-needed, though hard to receive advice? Forgive, heal your heart, :speaking_head_in_silhouette: speak up for yourself…

The ones that come in like synchronicities? When you hear the same phrase over and over and over again, but from different sources? Like 3 people recommending the same book.

The flashes of inspiration and insight? That idea you have for a business or product that keeps coming around…you can’t shake it.

And those lifesavers that look like dead-ends telling you this relationship, this job, this situation is over? It’s time to accept and walk away.

And lastly, what about those lifesavers that are wrapped in unfamiliar packages offering you the opportunity to try something new. Like herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, craniosacral, counseling, etc?

We are the only creatures on the planet who shove our lifesavers away through rationalization and resistance.

With every problem we face, solutions are immediately generated from the universe and start streaming toward us. We don’t have to beg for them. We don’t have to wait long before they appear. We don’t even have to search far. We simply have to listen, pay attention to our lives and let our answers in.

Let them come through the door. Stop trying to predict and dictate how the solution needs to look. Spirit is going to send you, your perfect lifesaver. Pay attention to your life and what’s coming to you so that you can accept what’s being custom-created for you.


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Amelia Ward
Amelia Ward

June 08, 2022

Hi Selima and Tami! I read your e-mails all day long! i love receiving them they are very therapeutic and have helped me a great deal with my own health issues, I plan on becoming a Holistic Life Coach that issues healing via food herbs spirituality, I have been suffering with gut issues for almost 2 yrs now-doing healing on my own and using what information i can get from watching/reading your emails or you tube videos. as soon as i can afford to I am going to sign up to Herbal Medicine for the Soul! thank you for sharing all of your experiences I know that GOD is also with me, but I feel like you guys are as well!

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