Free Herbal Medicine Masterclass

July 20, 2021 2 Comments

Free Herbal Medicine Masterclass

I remember all too well the days of being in chronic pain, taking hella pills that made me feel worse, trying all sorts of diets that didn’t suit me, remembering traumatic experiences, and thinking that I was too young for my body (marriage and life) to be falling apart. ⁠

Tami was the one who had the foresight to get us stop pursuing the same dead-end bandaids (isn’t she the best 💞)! And ever since then, now over 10 year ago, my life has been consumed by all-things-healing and plants - they saved my life and can save yours too if you allow.⁠

I get asked all the time why I fell in love with plants and how did I get into this healing work. I’m doing an Herbal Medicine Masterclass and sharing my journey of healing chronic pain and trauma with herbal medicine, emotional alchemy, and spiritual alignment. It’s truly been a mind-body-spirit journey…all parts of us have to be in alignment with our healing.⁠

Mark your calendars and join me on this Masterclass where you’ll learn:⁠

✅ The simple, step-by-step holistic process I used to get rid of chronic pain, heal trauma, and ditch dependence on drugs⁠
✅ How to take herbal medicine the right way, so you stop trying to pop plants like you’ve been poppin’ pills⁠
✅ How herbs improve your health and why they are more powerful than drugs⁠
✅ How to choose your plants like you’d choose your partner and find the herbs that are a perfect match for you, your body, constitution, condition, and personality (they are NOT one-size-fits-all)⁠
✅ How to identify, address, and release the emotional root cause of physical pains, so they go away for good (cuz' sippin' tea isn't enough)⁠

This Masterclass is perfect for you if:⁠
📍You’ve been struggling to get the root of your pain⁠
📍You’ve been failed by Western medicine and Big Pharma⁠
📍You’ve been trying all sorts of herbs with hit-or-miss success⁠
📍 You want to learn and gain the confidence to help your community and/or enhance your own holistic endeavor⁠

Even if you can’t watch live, sign up so you can get the replay.

Register here -->

2 Responses

Kaia Love
Kaia Love

November 09, 2021

I would like to join the free master class

Khalilah Alkasib
Khalilah Alkasib

February 16, 2021

Hi Selima and Tami,
My name is Khalilah. For many years I’ve been trying to find the best and more effective way of healing through TRUE conviction. I have dipple and dabble lol in many different online classes that really y had no real connection with the student. You had to really go at it alone and whatever issues – problem or question you might have good luck . if I didn’t finish at a certain time or the time expires, I had signed up for the same course and never could find the place where I left off. So, Your program makes sense in healing emotionally – herbally- and spiritually. You touch on all entities from what we are really made of… I hope in the very near future I will be one of the healed.

Thank you
Khalilah Alkasib
God bless

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