How do you know you're making progress?

October 08, 2020 1 Comment

How do you know you're making progress?

Better feeling is the first manifestation of your alignment. Not the weight loss, not the new relationship, not the new job, not the extra money.

Feeling better about the subjects is the first sign that you’re on the new path, heading toward what you want (and away from what you don’t).

Feeling better inside is the first sign that what you’ve been doing is working

We often negate or discount better feelings because we are looking for external proof, the physical evidence. We think that change isn’t happening fast enough.

The rate of change is neither here nor there. Understand that what manifests into reality happens slowly. The changes we see in our physical lives happen after we’ve changed our thoughts and feelings about the subject.

What you’re doing is working, just give it more time to come to physical fruition. You will reap the fruits of your alignment, your mental shifts, and your emotional recalibration.

Stay encouraged because you ARE witnessing your life change right before your eyes when you feel lighter (less stressed), more optimistic (less worried), inspired (less stagnant), and overall happier.

Change happens in the mind first, then in the emotions, then in the feelings, then in your physical reality

Next time you think you’re doing all this hard work for nothing, you’re probably being too hard on yourself. Take a step back, extend some grace to yourself, acknowledge when you do feel better about the subject, and celebrate that better feeling. It’s confirmation.

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November 18, 2020

Your website is a gift sent straight from my spirit guides. I’ve been interested in this for so long and it just appeared after trying to find something that I felt that I was being led to. Here you are!!!!!

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