I always seem to "fall off the wagon..." | How to be Consistent and Accountable all the time

April 26, 2022

Smiling Black Woman How to be Consistent and Accountable all the time

How To Be Consistent and Accountable All The Time

We surveyed our community and consistency was by far the top struggle that people faced when embarking on a new journey, particularly their health transformation.

I'm worried I'll lose motivation and stop...

I know I get distracted...

My greatest worry is being inconsistent and not following through to see results…

Even though this is important, I don't know if I can stay fully present...

I always seem to "fall off the wagon..."

Is this familiar chatter in your mind too? We can all relate to this fear, right. When we start something new, in the beginning we're all excited and we jump right in. But after a while the excitement fades and the reality that this is a marathon and not a sprint sets in. Exhale. We either dig deep, put our heads down and commit, or we stop and fall off. 

I don't know about you, but when I set out to do something and stop, I get pretty disappointed with myself. Inconsistency damages our confidence, has us questioning our worth and whether or not we can do anything right. It also makes it really hard to go after the next goal and embark on the next leg of our journey.

Inconsistency weakens our faith and without faith, we're stuck. And for me, when I feel stuck, I panic. I don't like these feelings, so I do everything in my power to keep my promises to myself. If I want to do something, am honest about my capacity, and start it, I'm going to stay the course. It may take me a while, but a snail's pace is better than no pace.

I recorded a short video sharing my 6 keys to consistency. Here's the link. Let us know if you found it helpful. 

With love always,

P.S. We would love it if you shared this video with the folks in your community who also struggle with inconsistency. 🙏🏽


Smiling Black Woman How to be Consistent and Accountable all the time
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