Leo Season Self-Care An Astro-Herbal Workshop REPLAY

Leos we notice you in every room you enter and you love it! You make your presence known with your flare, your creativity, your dignity, and even sometimes your hair. As the only sign ruled by the Sun, the Lion’s proud energy is here to teach us how to generously use our magnetism, our awareness, and radiance for the good of all.

The Sun in our solar system never fails to shine and never says one is more deserving of the light than another. The Sun can warm and give life or it can scorch and destroy. Leo, where do you fall on the spectrum?

Leo is in us all, so whether you’re a Leo sun, moon, or rising, or have another placement, join me to learn how Leo’s energy shows up in you, your life, your will, health, and soul’s journey.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

♌️ Leo through the 12 houses, so you can know where you have your strongest desire to shine and feel significant

♌️ How to use Leo’s confident and courageous energy for the good of all, not just yourself

♌️ Self-care practices for Leo, so you don’t internally combust and leave others in ashes in your wake

♌️ Which planetary transits to keep your eye on in 2020, so that you’re aligned with the cosmos and understand when it’s time to

♌️ How Leo shows up in the physical body and how to use herbal medicine and mindfulness to mitigate Leo related health problems and illnesses

♌️ Craft Leo affirmations and set intentions


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Renee Ramcharitar

I love your facilitation of Leo Energy 101. I (August 2nd, Leo) have warmed and I have scorched. Balancing “sunny” energy and expressing from my heart has been my lifelong learning journey. This is my first exposure to Leo through the 12 Houses. Valuable and Insightful!

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