Mimosa - Medicine for Anxiety, Grief, & Depression

June 15, 2022

Mimosa - Medicine for Anxiety, Grief, & Depression

Two days ago I felt a heaviness in my gut. I had a hard time stopping the spiral on my own, so reached for Mimosa. A few drops of Mimosa tincture and within 10 minutes I felt relief. It’s truly magical medicine. 

Mimosa is medicine for our uncertain times and if you live in a temperate zone, it’s probably blooming nearby. Mimosa is true to its name, which means “collective happiness.”  Gather the flowers and strip the bark of young branches to make medicine that will relieve your anxiety, depression, rage, and grief. 

Mimosa provides the calm and nervous system sedation, but it’s up to us to use that spaciousness to turn our stinkin’ thinkin’ around and reach for greater perspective. It helps you remember what peace feels like, but then you have to do the work to sustain it.

Taking Mimosa is like pressing a pause button on the negative thoughts, so that you can think clearly and decide how and if you want to reset. Remember the Staples “Easy Button” commercials? Of all the herbs I’ve used, Mimosa comes pretty close to providing near instant relief. But we have to decide what to do with it. Will you pick the issues back up or will you go within, use your tools, and reach for your wellness?

In this video, I teach you about:

🌸 Mimosa’s many emotional and therapeutic benefits

🌸 Where to find it - it grows abundantly

🌸 Why I think "invasive" plants are beneficial to us

🌸 How to gather it and prepare it for medicine-making

🌸 How to make medicine with Mimosa that will lift your mood and spirit

🌸 Other topical and internal preparations along with dosage guidelines

🌸 Herbs that you can combine with Mimosa

🌸 Precautions and contraindications, which are few by the way

When you learn more about the wonders of this medicine and how accessible it is, it’ll make you question the need for pharmaceutical anxiolytics and antidepressants.

Check it out here and if you know someone who could benefit from Mimosa’s medicine, please share this video with them. 

Choose happiness!

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